ceraso gallery presents

the boy girl band

friday, september 29th, 2017

7:30 pm

art lande, (drums, mostly)

mark miller, (woodwinds, mostly)

ken bernstein, (guitar/bass, mostly)

clarre church, (Ewi, mostly)

emily takahashi, (piano, mostly)

anisha rush, (woodwinds, mostly)

holly amend, (trombone, mostly)

suggested donation: $12

These master musicians will provide an evening of totally improvised music. They have been
together for many years and have developed a communication with each other
that is an experience not to miss.

The music will move through many moods, some playful, some mysterious and profound and
some completely inspiring. The music has the power to bring the listener into a
deep sense of presence. Come and leave your week behind and enter more fully into
the moment and lose yourself in this music.

  By Invitation Only

Please contact Chuck Ceraso at 303-898-3649

or by email: chuck@chuckceraso.com to receive an invitation