ceraso gallery presents

the flatlandners

             josh reed                           dru heller                       tim wendel         

thursday, november 14th, 2017

7:30 pm

suggested donation: $12

"The Flatlanders" is a trio consisting of trumpet, guitar, and percussion.  A flatlander is a fictitious creature that is two-dimensional, thereby possessing the capability to make itself totally visible or invisible, depending upon the perspective of the individual viewing this special organism.  The flatlander serves as a reflection of this trio's approach to group improvisation.  Each musician chooses their level of visibility spontaneously in the moment.  Additionally, the absence of a traditional bass instrument offers the space to explore atypical combinations of sonic texture.  At any point, an individual can show their self as playing the bass role, or perhaps not at all, furthering the image of the flatlander.  The trio draws upon original compositions, pieces by modern composers, jazz standards, and free improvisations to form their repertoire.

Josh Reed - Trumpet

Tim Wendel - Guitar

Dru Heller - Drums

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